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Authors: Ornella, L.


The academic and social image of science and technology have undergone deep changes throughout this century. The classic conception of science as true and free knowledge of nature broke with the studies of Kuhn, Hanson and Lakatos, among others. This work tries to interpret the evolution of biotechnology and one of its related basic sciences, Molecular Biology, under this new vision of the scientific knowledge.Modern biotechnology has had a significant impact in health, food and energy production; however risks derived from it project to several, wide-reaching and of extreme importance spheres, like food security and sovereignty, public health, ecology, etc. In particular, the phenomenon of the transgenic soybean as result of the specialization of sciences on the basis of the partialization of the reality is analyzed.


Magazine: Revista de Bioética y Sociantropología en Medicina.

Editorial: Universidad de Buenos Aires. Facultad de Medicina .

Editing place: Buenos Aires.

Reference type: Con Referato.

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ISSN: 1850-4051.

Volumen: 3.

Number: 1.


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