otra_produccion_autores: Alexis J. Vallarella; Hernán Haimovich.

otra_produccion_resumen: Digital controller design for nonlinear systems may be complicated by the fact that an exact discrete-time plant model is not known.One existing approach employs approximate discrete-time models forstability analysis and control design, and ensures different types of closed-loop stability properties based on the approximate model and on specific bounds on the mismatch between the exact and approximate models.Although existing conditions for practical stability exist, some of whichconsider the presence of process disturbances, input-to-state stability withrespect to state-measurement errors and based on approximate discretetimemodels has not been addressed. In this paper, we thus extend existingresults in two main directions: (a) we provide input-to-state stability(ISS)-related results where the input is the state measurement error and(b) our results allow for some specific varying-sampling-rate scenarios.We provide conditions to ensure semiglobal practical ISS, even undersome specific forms of varying sampling rate. These conditions employLyapunov-like functions. We illustrate the application of our results onnumerical examples, where we show that a bounded state-measurementerror can cause a semiglobal practically stable system to diverge.

otra_produccion_tipo_otra_produccion: Otro.

otra_produccion_pais: Argentina.

otra_produccion_anio: 2018

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