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Authors: Joaquín Ezpeleta; Flavia J. Krsticevic; Pilar Bulacio; Elizabeth Tapia.

Description: SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a method of tagging a nucleic acid molecule with a predetermined ID number, the method comprising: (a) attaching to said nucleic acid molecule a nucleic acid tag to form a tagged nucleic acid molecule, wherein said nucleic acid tag comprises one or more nucleic acid tag subunits each consisting of groups of at least two nucleotides, wherein said nucleic acid tag is attributed said ID number by performing the following steps: (i) converting each nucleotide in said nucleic acid tag sub‐units into a number ranging from 0 to 3, thereby creating numerical tag subunits, wherein the distribution and content of the nucleotides in the nucleic acid tag subunits has been configured to allow a finite number of numerical tag subunits, (ii) attributing to each of said numerical tag sub‐units a predetermined numerical tag element, thereby creating a numerical tag, (iii) linearly decoding said numerical tag, thereby creating said ID number.

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