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Authors: Martín Chalela; Emanuel Sillero; Luis Peyra; Alejandro García; Juan B Cabral; Marcelo Lares; Manuel Merchán.

Title: GriSPy: Fixed-radius nearest neighbors grid search in Python.

Description: GriSPy (Grid Search in Python) uses a regular grid search algorithm for quick fixed-radius nearest-neighbor lookup. It indexes a set of k-dimensional points in a regular grid providing a fast approach for nearest neighbors queries. Optional periodic boundary conditions can be provided for each axis individually. GriSPy implements three types of queries: bubble, shell and the nth-nearest, and offers three different metrics of interest in astronomy: the Euclidean and two distance functions in spherical coordinates of varying precision, haversine and Vincenty. It also provides a custom distance function. GriSPy is particularly useful for large datasets where a brute-force search is not practical.

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