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Authors: Rullo, Pablo Gabriel; Moreno, Natanael Luis; Hetze, Vanesa Betiana; Zumoffen, David; Feroldi, Diego.

Resumen: Microgrids can be described as a set of loads, generation units and storage units that can operate isolated or connected to the network through a common connection point. The combination of multiple renewable energy sources and energy storage units represents a suitable solution for isolated systems. In order to obtain a good match between capital investment and system reliability, an optimum sizing of all microgrid components is needed. As power reliability, system cost and operation of the system depend on each other, the sizing methodology must be integrated with the generation dispatch. This paper presents a joint optimization methodology for sizing an isolated microgrid which integrates a generation dispatch strategy based on an economic model predictive control approach. The integrated problem to be solved is presented as a bilevel optimization framework composed of an outer loop and an inner loop. The outer loop is in charge of the microgrid sizing and it is solved using genetic algorithms. The inner loop solves the optimal generation dispatch as a mixed integer linear program. Several scenarios are evaluated and an optimal sizing for a rule-based operation is also performed for comparison purposes, which is done using several key performance indicators.

Meeting type: Simposio.

Production: Joint optimization of sizing and economic generation dispatch in isolated microgrids with long?term energy storage.

Scientific meeting: .2do SIMPOSIO IBEROAMERICANO en Microrredes Inteligentes con Integración de Energı́as Renovables - SIMIIER 2018.

Meeting place: Foz Iguazu.

Organizing Institution: CYTED.

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Meeting month: 10