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Authors: Patrone, Mauro; Rubio Scola, Ignacio; Feroldi, Diego; Besaçon, Gildas.

Resumen: Electricity grids have changed through the years from the classic structure of generation, transmission, distribution and consumption to a more complex one in which power generation could be distributed throughout the grid itself. A microgrid shares the latter structure with the key feature of control capabilities over the network operation due to the high penetration of distributed generators and storage devices. The success in controlling a microgrid relies on communication issues and the measurement of system variables, for instance, the knowledge of the state of charge of the storage devices is a cornerstone of every energy management strategy. In this work, we present an observer-based controller for the power system of a residential house equiped with photovoltaic panels and batteries. Since either the controller or the energy management strategy requires the knowledge of many system variables, we propose two Kalman-Like observers to reduce the numbers of sensors and monitor the quality of the battery capacity. The first observer uses voltage measurements to estimate all the system currents. This observer, which is based on a state affine system form, guaranteesnot only an asymptotic convergence of the estimation error but also an optimal filtering. The second one estimates the battery capacity from the battery voltage and current. From a system with a state affine structure, but with output injection, the second observer just guarantees an asymptotic estimation error to zero. We perform numerical simulations to illustrate the performance of both observers.

Meeting type: Simposio.

Type of job: Artículo Completo.

Production: Designing an observer-based controller for a domestic solar-batteries hybrid energy system.

Scientific meeting: 2do Simposio Iberamericano en Microrredes Inteligentes con Integración de Energías Renovables.

Meeting place: Foz do Iguazú.

It's published?: Yes

Publication place: Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Meeting month: 10