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Authors: Agustín Bottari; Alejandro G. Marchetti.

Resumen: Control structure selection has an important influenceon the economic performance of process systems inthe presence of unmeasurable and measurable disturbances.Economic criteria has been incorporated in the design and controlproblem using different strategies. The backoff approach is basedon the idea of minimizing the nominal economic loss that resultsfrom the need to backoff from the active constraints in orderto avoid violating them in the presence of disturbances. Thebackoff approach determines the optimal control structure andfixed setpoint values that guarantee feasibility for all disturbancescenarios. On the other hand, under the assumption that a givenset of disturbances and/or parameter values can be measuredor estimated online, the presence of a real-time optimizationlayer aims at optimizing plant operation by computing optimalsetpoints for the lower layer controllers. In this paper, we arguethat the control structure implemented in the plant affectsthe economic performance that can be achieved by the realtimeoptimization system, and we formulate a control structureselection problem based on the backoff approach that takes intoaccount the presence of the real-time optimization layer in thedesign of the control structure. The effectiveness of the approachis demonstrated in simulation for a linear example.

Meeting type: Congreso.

Type of job: Artículo Completo.

Production: Optimal Control Structure Selection for Real-Time Optimization Systems.


Meeting place: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.

Organizing Institution: Asociación Argentina de Control Automático.

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Publication place: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

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