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Authors: Ignacio Rubio Scola; Mauro Patrone; Diego Feroldi; Gildas Besançon.

Resumen: In this work, we present an observer-based controller for an electric vehicle (EV) with hybrid energy storage system (HESS). We use a passivity-based controller, that relies on an observer to reduce the number of sensors, filter measured variables and estimate the current demanded by the vehicle. The observer chosen is a Kalman-Like observer design for nonuniformly observable systems that rely on persistent input to guarantee the system observability. Illustrations from numerical simulations show the performance of the control strategy during a standard driving cycle.

Meeting type: Congreso.

Type of job: Artículo Completo.

Production: Observer-based Controller for an Electric Vehicle with Hybrid Energy Storage.

Scientific meeting: XXVI Congreso Argentino de Control Automático (AADECA 2016).

Meeting place: Buenos Aires.

It's published?: Yes

Publication place: Buenos Aires

Meeting month: 11