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Authors: Silva, J. V. V.; Silva, L. F. P.; Rubio Scola, I.; Leite, V. J. S.


The robust local stabilization of uncertain discrete-time systems with time-varying state delayed and subject to saturating actuators is investigated in this work. A convex optimization method is proposed to compute robust state feedback control law such that the uncertain closed-loop is locally asymptotically stable if the initial condition belongs to an estimate of the region of attraction for the origin. The proposed procedure allows computing estimates of the region of attraction through the intersection of ellipsoidal sets in an augmented space, reducing the conservatism of the estimates found in the literature. Also, the conditions can handle the amount of delay variation between two consecutive samples, which is new in the literature for the discrete-time case. Although the given synthesis conditions are delay dependent, the proposed control law is delay independent, yielding to easier real time implementations. A convex procedure is proposed to maximize the size of the set of safe initial conditions. Numerical examples are provided to illustrate the effectiveness of our approach and also to compare it with other conditions in the literature.



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