otra_produccion_autores: Cristiá, Maximiliano; Frydman, Claudia.

otra_produccion_resumen: The Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET) is the most important research institutionin Argentina. It depends directly from Argentina?s President butits internal authorities are elected by around 6,000 researchesacross the country. During 2011 the CONICET developed aweb voting system to replace the traditional mail-based system.In 2012 CONICET conducted the first web election with nocomplains from candidates and voters. Before moving the systeminto production, CONICET asked the authors to conduct afunctional and security assessment of it. In this paper wepresent the verification process conducted to assess the functionalcorrectness of the voting system. This process is the result ofintegrating automatic and semi-automatic verification activitiesfrom formal proof to code inspection and model-based testing.

otra_produccion_tipo_otra_produccion: Otro.

otra_produccion_pais: Argentina.

otra_produccion_anio: 2013

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