otra_produccion_autores: Cristiá, Maximiliano.

otra_produccion_resumen: The Test Template Framework (TTF) is a model-based testing method based on Z specifications. The TTF hasbeen automated to a great extent in the Fastest tool. One of thecentral concepts within the TTF and Fastest is that of testingtactic. Testing tactics allow users to partition the input spaceof Z operations into so-called test conditions. So far, Fastest´susers have to decide which testing tactics, and with whichparameters, should be applied to each operation. In this paperwe introduce the concept of testing strategy as the automaticapplication of testing tactics. Testing strategies also implementtesters knowledge making it simpler for users to use Fastest.Furthermore, users can combine strategies and tactics to get themost from Fastest.

otra_produccion_tipo_otra_produccion: Otro.

otra_produccion_pais: Argentina.

otra_produccion_anio: 2013