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Authors: A. Papasavvas; T. de Avila Ferreira; A. Marchetti; D. Bonvin.

Resumen: Standard Modifier Adaptation (MA) introduces input-affine corrections of the cost and constraint functions, since these functions are linked to the KKT optimality conditions. The proposal here is to update the model outputs y instead, thus leading to the approach labeled MA-y. We will demonstrate that this approach results in input-affine corrections of the cost and constraint functions as well. Consequently, MA-y also leads to plant optimality upon convergence, provided perfect output measurements and gradient estimates are available. Furthermore, it turns out that, in cases where the cost and constraint functions are nonlinear functions of the output variables, theinput-affine corrections of the outputs also lead to partial correction of the model Hessians, which results in the aforementioned improvements in convergence properties. For example, it can be shown that, if the outputs are affine in the inputs u, MA-y converges to the plant optimum in a single iteration, while the standard MA might take several iterations to do the same. The approach will be illustrated on the performance optimization of the Williams-Otto continuous stirred-tank reactor.

Meeting type: Encuentro.

Production: Real-Time Optimization via Modifier Adaptation - On Updating the Model Outputs.

Scientific meeting: AIChE Annual Meeting 2017.

Meeting place: Minneapolis MN.

Organizing Institution: AIChE.

It's published?: No

Meeting month: 10

Year: 2017.