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Authors: Federico Bergero; Mariano Botta; Esteban Campostrini; Ernesto Kofman.

Resumen: In this work, we present a novel methodology to ef-ficiently compile large scale dynamical systems de-scribed as Modelica models, and its implementation ina prototype Modelica Compiler called ModelicaCC. Themethodology allows to perform the different stages ofthe compilation process without expanding the contentof repetitive structures so the resources (CPU time andmemory) used by the compiler result independent on themodel size. Besides introducing the methodology withtheir algorithms and the implementation in the Model-icaCC compiler, we analyze their efficiency comparingits performance with that of OpenModelica in differentlarge scale models.

Meeting type: Conferencia.

Type of job: Artículo Completo.

Production: Efficient Compilation of Large Scale Dynamical Systems.

Scientific meeting: 11th International Modelica Conference 2015.

Meeting place: Versaille.

It's published?: Yes

Publication place: Linköping

Meeting month: 9

Year: 2015.

Link: here