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Authors: Predrag Milosavljevic; Timm Faulwasser; Alejandro Marchetti; Dominique Bonvin.

Resumen: Path-following tasks, which refer to dynamic motion planning along pre-specified geometric references, are frequently encountered in applications such as milling, robot- supported measurements, and trajectory planning for autonomous vehicles. Different convex and non-convex optimal control formulations have been proposed to tackle these problems for the case of perfect models. This paper analyzes path-following problems in the presence of plant-model mismatch. The proposed adaptation strategies rely on concepts that are well known in the field of real-time optimization. We present conditions guaranteeing that, upon convergence, a minimum- time solution is attained despite the presence of plant-model mismatch. We draw upon a simulated robotic example to illustrate our results.

Meeting type: Conferencia.

Type of job: Artículo Completo.

Production: Time-Optimal Path-Following Operation in the Presence of Uncertainty.

Scientific meeting: European Control Conference 16.

Meeting place: Aalborg.

Organizing Institution: European Control Association, IFAC.

It's published?: Yes

Publication place: Aalborg

Meeting month: 6

Year: 2016.