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Authors: L.A. Parente; L.S. Aragone; J. Gianatti; P.A. Lotito.

Resumen: In this work we address a continuous-time minimax optimal control problem where the objective function is evaluated over a trajectory given by an ordinary dierential equation parameterized by the control. Under convexity assumptions, by using non-smooth optimization techniques, we derive a set of optimality conditions. We define an associated discrete-time optimal control problem where analogous conditions hold. From these optimality conditions we design a numericalscheme, we prove that it is a descent method and that every accumulation point of the generated sequence of controls is optimal. The introduced algorithm is easily implementable and returns a discrete control that gives a good approximation to the continuous solution. Some preliminary numerical results are shown.

Meeting type: Workshop.

Production: A numerical scheme for minimax optimal control problems.

Scientific meeting: Workshop 2da Escuela en Control y Optimización.

Meeting place: Santiago.

Organizing Institution: Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María.

It's published?: No

Meeting month: 12

Year: 2015.