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Authors: Castro, Rodrigo; Kofman, Ernesto.

Resumen: In this work we present an analytical expression that generalizes the definition of activitymeasure in continuous time signals. We define the activity of order n and show that it allowsto estimate the number of sections of polinomials up to order n that are needed to representthat signal with certain accuracy. We apply this concept to obtain a lower bound for thenumber of steps performed by quantization?based integration algorithms in the simulation ofordinary differential equations. We performed a practical analysis over a first order examplesystem, computing the activity of order n and comparing it with the number of steps requiredintegration methods of different orders. We corroborated the theoretical predictions, whichindicate that the activity measure can be used as a reference for assessing the suitability ofdifferent algorithms depending on how close they perform in comparison with the theoreticallower bound. Finally, a discussion is provided which indicates that further research is neededin order to test the results presented in this work in the context of stiff systems.

Meeting type: Workshop.

Production: nth-Order Activity of Continuous Systems.

Scientific meeting: ACTIMS 2014 ? ETH Zurich Activity-based Modeling & Simulation Workshop.

Meeting place: Zurich.

Organizing Institution: ETH Zurich.

It's published?: No

Meeting month: 12

Year: 2013.