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Authors: G. E. Galizzi; A. Federico; G. H. Kaufmann.

Resumen: Using data sets recorded from a speckle interferometer with in-plane sensitivity, we compare the performance of a recently proposed temporal phase evaluation technique based on the three-dimensional directional wavelet transform with the one given by the one-dimensional Fourier transform method. The obtained results are compared for different phase distributions, and the advantages and limitations of both temporal phase recovery approaches are also discussed.

Meeting type: Congreso.

Type of job: Artículo Completo.

Production: Phase retrieval in temporal speckle interferometry: a comparison of two methods.

Scientific meeting: Speckle 2012: V International Conference on Speckle Metrology.

Meeting place: Vigo.

It's published?: Yes

Publication place: Vigo

Meeting month: 9

Year: 2012.