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Authors: Pablo Pilotti; Ana Casali; Carlos Chezñevar.

Resumen: A typical scenario for negotiation involves benevolent agentswhich cannot reach their goals by themselves because they do not havesome resources or they do not know how to use them to reach their goals.Also, they may have incomplete or wrong information about the otheragent´s goals and resources. This paper presents an approach for auto-mated negotiation based on argumentation, where agents offer resourcesand knowledge for exchanging in order to achieve their goals. Such of-fers are formalized as arguments, whose generation and interpretation isbased on belief revision techniques. This approach is presented througha high-level algorithm that has been implemented in logic programming.Different theoretical properties associated with this approach have beenformalized and proved in Coq. As a case study we show how our ap-proach can be used to solve a slightly modified version of the well-knownHammer-Nail Problem.

Meeting type: Workshop.

Type of job: Artículo Completo.

Production: A Belief Revision Approach for Argumentation-based Negotiation with Cooperative Agents.

Scientific meeting: Argumentation in Multi-Agent Systems Workshop (ArgMAS 2012.

Meeting place: Valencia.

Organizing Institution: AAMAS.

It's published?: Yes

Publication place: Valencia

Meeting month: 6

Year: 2012.