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Authors: P.A. Lotito; L.A. Parente; M.V. Solodov.

Resumen: In this work, a new inexact proximal point method for the problem of solving maximal monotone inclusions is presented. The scheme allows for the use of variable metric in subproblems combining symmetric and non symmetric strategies, in the aim of the schemes of [Parente et al.2008] and [Dong 2009]. The global convergence and local linear rate of convergence are established under standard assumptions. Implementation issues are discussed and some numerical examples are presented.

Meeting type: Congreso.

Production: A variable metric proximal scheme with non symmetric linear term.

Scientific meeting: IV Congreso Latinoamericano de Matemáticos.

Meeting place: Córdoba.

Organizing Institution: Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.

It's published?: No

Meeting month: 8

Year: 2012.