August 2010

SSI 2010 - 8° Symposium on the Information Society

Fifteen years after the start of the global expansion process of the Internet, open access and responsible participation of citizens in sociotechnological networks for the dissemination and construction of knowledge, is considered in both Argentina and Latin America a strategic variable of regional development . In this sense, the Symposium on the Information Society 2010, focuses its objective on the problems of consolidation of these sociotechnical networks in the fields related to Education and Research in the current physical-virtual context, promoting a broad discussion on how to are developing the relationships between the different institutional / organizational virtual spaces, the relationships of the network of virtual spaces of the organizations with the multiple physical spaces that the citizen inhabits and the use of interactive digital technologies based on the qualified production and open dissemination of intellectual goods. The SSI annually brings together a multidisciplinary community that participates in the study of the Information and Knowledge Society from both the public and private spheres. The SSI 2010 proposal is a continuation of a debate already started in the country that aims to deepen the state of the art in both academic research, as well as public service practices, civil society, entrepreneurs and businessmen . The activity will be attended by prominent speakers and expert panelists, also including a final workshop space for each area that will aim to document the articulation of diagnoses, reflections and contributions made by the SSI 2010 exhibitors to strengthen the networks. Sociotechnical companies dedicated to the development of Education and / or Research. We invite researchers on the subject, businessmen and civil society leaders, government officials responsible for related areas who are interested in exchanging and discussing new ideas and experiences considering three thematic areas of interest to participate:

  1. Education in the Information and Knowledge Society;
  2. Research, development and accessibility to Knowledge in organizations and
  3. Intellectual property and open access to intellectual creative goods.

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