Award for Best Electronic Poster of Research Work

The title work: "Influence of acquisition parameters on morphometric values obtained from structural magnetic resonance images" Authors: Ignacio. Evangelista, Clara Galimberti, Guido Pascariello, Juan Carlos Gómez, Aimee Rodríguez Musso, Patricio Donnelly-Kehoe received an Award for "Best Electronic Research Work Poster" at the "2019 European Congress of Radiology (ECR2019 - ", held in Vienna between February 27 and March 3, 2019, organized by the European Society of Radiology. The work was carried out jointly by CIFASIS-CONICET / UNR, Faculty of Exact Sciences, Engineering and Surveying (UNR) and the INECO Rosario Foundation, and is based on the Final Electronic Engineering Project of the students Clara Galimberti and Ignacio Evangelista, directed by Patricio Donnelly-Kehoe.