Monitoring, Failure Detection and Control of Industrial Processes


Book published by CIFASIS researchers awarded

Recently, Dr. Marta Basualdo and Dr. David Zumoffen from CIFASIS-CONICET were distinguished with the first prize in the book and monograph competition organized by the Argentine Association of Automatic Control (AADECA) for their publication "Monitoring, Detection of Failures and Control of Industrial processes".

This book addresses the subject of the design of supervision systems, detection of abnormal events and control of complete industrial plants. One of the main contributions of the work is the development of a new fault detection, diagnosis and estimation system that is integrated into the automatic control to guarantee the safety and profitability of the process. It is designed to be applied in large plants that take into account the fundamental requirements imposed by the chemical industry today. The implementation of the system can be carried out thanks to the use of specific computer tools dedicated to the treatment of large-scale processes.

Many of the innovations presented in the work are the result of the work carried out by the authors over several years of research. The book is made up of a compilation of several articles published by the authors in international journals. It is conceived with a didactic criterion to provide technical support to professionals with industrial practice who wish to introduce themselves in this subject. It is also considered that it can be very useful for students and teachers of engineering courses related to intelligent information processing and automatic control of industrial processes. Readers will find several application examples and supplementary material in digital format that is indicative for other applications of interest. To this end, the authors have arranged a contact space on the CIFASIS website to assist those who are interested in working with the digital material of the book.

Part of the content of the book was also presented at the INNOVAR 2009 exhibition as it was selected in the "Innovative Concept" category.

In this book, the authors express their appreciation for the institutional support received from CIFASIS-CONICET, ANPCyT, Department of Chemical and Electrical Engineering of the FRRo-UTN and the Department of Control-EIE-FCEIyA-UNR.