Professional training course in communication protocols

A STAN was signed with COMPUTROL San Francisco, Córdoba, to dictate a Professional Training course in CAN, J1939 and ISOBUS communication protocols, with an hourly load of 20 hours, which will be dictated by Drs. Ing. Natalia Iglesias and Ing. Jose Coronel.

The dictation modality will be carried out remotely (theoretical contents through the use of multimedia means through a videoconference platform), and in person the practice in the Communications Laboratory for the industry at the CIFASIS facilities.

In this communications course applied to Agro, the CAN, J1939 and ISOBUS networks are analyzed. CAN is a short message protocol oriented towards real-time communication.

J1939 is a higher protocol layer CAN-based communication standard used in the heavy vehicle environment.

ISOBUS is a higher protocol layer J1939 and CAN-based communication standard used in the field of agricultural machinery.

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